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Our approach

From mindful practices, conscious menus to ethical decor and design, our aim is to bring a tailored retreat experience
directly to you, to create your perfect day.

We want to revolutionise how you celebrate, moving away from blurry alcohol-filled nights and inaccessible retreats. Calm Curator is about breaking away from the constraints that are created in these extremes, in favour of co-creating unforgettable and accessible wellbeing experiences.


How we co-create

Mandala design

By understanding who you are at your core, we create bespoke event-days that align with your core values. Here's how...

You have our undivided attention

Through a discovery call, we would love to know more about you, your special day, your likes, dislikes, areas that you want to explore and the types of practitioners you'd like to work with.

Book a discovery call

Would you like to find out more? Maybe you're wondering whether this is for you? Or you're ready to co-curate—wherever your mind is at, it would be great to hear about your vision.

What would you like to experience?

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We're connected to a network of inspirational wellbeing professionals and practitioners to call upon, who pledge to make your day the most memorable.

Whether you're already familiar with what you want to experience, or whether you would like to try something new—we think that the most important thing is to make sure the practitioner suits your style. That's why, we put a lot of effort into getting to know you first.

Stay inspired

Find out about the latest wellbeing practices, practitioners and stay inspired with your monthly dose of conscious event designs. If you are a practitioner and would like to join the practitioner community, for hosting opportunities, click here.

Thank you!

Stay inpired
Co-Founder, Reena Chdee
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Founder's story

The symbol of love

In any extreme, you will find constraints. Constraints that stop you from showing up as YOU. Finding love and achieving the law of balance is a dance. You are leading, and therefore responsible for; making choices that resonate with every part of who you are, choosing experiences that complete you, strengthening relationships with those closest to you, and creating your own balance that gives and re-gives, equally and rhythmically.

Mandala design

For all of you

We are dedicated to curating moments available for all of YOU.
Whether that's you in your personal or professional setting.

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Mandala design
Mandala design
Mandala design

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