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Founder's Story

Meet Reena

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My story

The symbol of love is the wave of dual light, which gives and re-gives, equally and rhythmically.

This is the beating heart of Calm Curator.


Having built a successful career in impact-driven marketing, I found myself working 15 hour days and drinking excessively, in an effort to run away from a life, spearheaded by my ego. I burned myself out to prove my worth to those around me. For years, I convinced myself that I had no fundamental value, so I overcompensated through unhealthy habits, in search of validation from others.


There was a lot of work to be done to unpick the shame, and an even bigger task to relearn who I was and my core beliefs about myself. I was introduced to incredible healing practices of dance, yoga, meditation, breathwork and more. I attended weekly, and made all efforts to join life-changing retreats. In fact, I was losing myself in this new world of healing, and unknowingly, I was trying to fit someone's else mould. I took another step back and revisited; Who am I? What are my ultimate needs? Where are my boundaries?


I came away with a second wave of realisation that in any extreme, you will find constraints. Constraints that stop you from showing up as YOU. Finding love and achieving the law of balance is a dance. You are leading and therefore responsible for; making choices that resonate with every part of who you are, choosing experiences that complete you, strengthening relationships with those closest to you, and eventually creating your own balance that gives and re-gives, equally and rhythmically.


This is what Calm Curator is about—breaking away from the constraints that are created in extremes, in favour of co-creating unforgettable experiences that leave a life-changing imprint on you your loved ones.

I believe it is our purpose to help facilitate these beautiful moments for you.


I think we can create something beautiful together let's talk. I would love to know about your vision, what your dream day would involve and from there sit back while the magic unfolds.

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Our Approch


Finding balance between my corporate career and my creative wellbeing outlet has been one of the most empowering skills that I have mastered.


I am a true believer in living and breathing my purpose through every project that I work on. So, when I am not creating moments of calm, I am working with nature, sustainability and impact-driven organisations, as a creative marketing strategist. I’ve had the honour to create strategic campaigns and events that push creative boundaries, and now I would love the opportunity to create memorable moments for you.

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